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AIMST Music Club online registration

Greetings Aimsters! Missed out the registration for Music Club? No worries. AIMST Music Club is currently opening an online registration for those who are interested! How to register yourself as a member: 1) Click into the link provided below”: … Read More …

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Successful earth hour 2016 event published on Guang Ming newspaper

Successful earth hour 2016 event has been published on Guang Ming newspaper. It all started from a simple dream of bringing the concept of sustainability to the campus – Believing that it is not impossible to bring everyone aboard the … Read More …

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AIMST Earth Hour 2016

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AIMST EARTH HOUR 2016, which is held on 16th of March 2016 at our beautiful campus, AIMST University, is a success! Thanks to AIMST University, the awesome organizing team SEAD & LEO club, and not to forget, the participants too! … Read More …

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National Medical Conference 2016

Table of Contents National Medical Conference 2016 “Bridging the gap between Medical Education and Clinical Practice” Date : 06.05.2016 – 08.05.2016 (Friday – Sunday) Duration : 3 days Time : *Refer to uploaded schedule below Venue : AIMST UNIVERSITY, 08100 … Read More …

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AIMST Music Club is now open for all

Greetings everyone,right now our music club has started to open register for all new members!! We are here to share the music world with you all , we welcome all of you as long as you are interested in music! … Read More …

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AIMST 24 festive drums Leadership Symposium 2016

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Here are some photos which taken during the Leadership Symposium which was held on 11/3/2016. Hope you guys enjoy it. 这里有一些我们于星期五(11/3/2016)在aimst大学的Leadership Symposium演出时的照片要与大家一起分享。 Source: AIMST 24 festive drums 廿四节令鼓

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AIMST Drum Initiation Ceremony 2016

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On 11/3/2016, we had a Drum Initiation Ceremony and we used this ceremony as an opportunity to thank all the sponsors. This ceremony was a big success. Thanks for all the support! 为了感谢各位赞助商的赞助,我们在星期五(11/3/2016)也尽心为他们准备了一场开鼓仪式。这次的开鼓仪式是个大成功!谢谢大家一直以来的努力和支持! Source: AIMST 24 festive drums 廿四节令鼓

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Notice: No Food in the Study Area and the Library

Dear students of AIMST University, Students studying in the study area and library are now prohibited from bringing food into the study area and the library. “Bookings” by leaving behind personal belongings e.g books,bags,laptops and etc are also not allowed … Read More …

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