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AIMST Christian Fellowship


  • Name: AIMST Christian Fellowship
  • Type: Christian Fellowship.
  • Description:
    Our CF started unofficially in 2002 when a handful of Christians decided to meet up together for a time of sharing and fellowship with one another. At times there will just be one or two gathering but we continued our meetings every week.Things started to change for the better when a lecturer (Dr Chua) agreed to be our student advisor and has supported us since till he completed his contract. That was Feb 2004. Later on, FES came to know about our CF meetings and sis Darshini was in charge of the northen region campuses at that time. Throughout her work in the northen region, she has helped us in numerous ways.Our Cf began to grow slowly and steadily to about 10 to 15 of us per meeting. Her visits every month sharing with us and also helping us to organise our meetings and schedules were really a blessing to all of us.In year 2005 sis Darshini left to serve the central region and bro chun chong came along.At first we were sad and uncomfortable with the changes that occured but the change has been a blessing beyond our expectations. This guy is the ah beng ( and the Corniest guy we have seen). But our first impressions quickly changed as he took over Sis Darshini’s place. Bro chun chung is a pragmatic person and took the effort to meet each one of us. He really took an interest in our lives and the challenges we face. He has counselled many bro and sisters who needed help and also brought ppl who were interested to know more about God to commit their lives to Jesus .All in all he has been a great impact in our lives and the work he has done only shows the love he has for Christ.Our CF started growing tremendously when the entire CF started fasting and praying for a concert that we’d decided to hold for our campus and the surrounding churches. This was in march 2006. Every one of us fasted and prayed for one month and during that time we can only say that it was the grace of God that sustained us throughout.

    In June 2011, AIMST CF was given the permission to use the Orientation Hall for our weekly meetings. It was a prayer that was truly answered as everyone has been praying for the CF to come into campus. The CF was officially given the green light to be a legal society in AIMST University in December 2011 and is given free access to all facilities! The 2011 Christmas Gig in AIMST itself saw the salvation of 17 people.

    2012 saw changes taking place in AIMST CF. Sis Sue Min is the new FES staff in charged of our campus after the departure of Bro Joshua. We also have been approved to use the Ground Floor Lecture Room in the Medical Building as our official meeting place. To top it all up was the 2012 Christmas Gig that was held in the Orientation Hall, AIMST University. More than 200 people attended the event that saw the next generation of God’s people leading the way.

    Continue to partner us in prayer, love, gifts and attendance. One day it shall become a church!!

  • Language: English
  • Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/8621668969/

AIMST Buddhist Society


  • Name: AIMST Buddhist Society
  • Type: Buddhist Society.
  • Description:
    Vision 宗旨
    To learn, To grow, To transcend.
    学习,成长,翱翔。Mission 目标
    1. Introducing Buddhism to the public.
    2. To achieve peacefulness in mental and physical state.
    3. Providing an opportunity for university students for their self- improvement.
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/aimstbs/
  • Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/547453598612694/

AIMST Methodist Christian Fellowship – AIMST大专团契


  • Name: AIMST Methodist Christian Fellowship (AMCF)
  • Type: Chinese Methodist Christian Fellowship.


  • Description: The Chinese Methodist Christian Fellowship in AIMST University. It was established fellowship wing from the Chinese Methodist Church of Sungai Petani for the students study in AIMST University since 2007. The weekly gathering will be mainly at Bedong Chapel.
  • Language: Mainly in Mandarin, English
  • Website: https://amcf.myaimst.com
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/official.AMCF/
  • Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aimstmethodistcf/
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