Successful earth hour 2016 event published on Guang Ming newspaper

Successful earth hour 2016 event has been published on Guang Ming newspaper.

It all started from a simple dream of bringing the concept of sustainability to the campus – Believing that it is not impossible to bring everyone aboard the journey to a sustainable future – SEAD was formed in the early 2013

Failures after failures, not willing to give up on that simple dream, EH2015 was the 1st step to a dream come true.
Earth Hour is not just about combating climate change, it is also a reminder that we have what it takes to reach our goals if we dare to dream, hold on to it and make it happen.

Congratz to the awesome committee members. May you have the strength to bring our cause to greater heights.
Welcome everyone on board to the dream of a greener future.

MChek Ooi
(Founder of SEAD AIMST)

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