AIMST Music Club is now open for all


Greetings everyone,right now our music club has started to open register for all new members!!

We are here to share the music world with you all , we welcome all of you as long as you are interested in music!

Just for your information, we will be performing in AIMST cafe foyer from Tuesday until Thursday, 12.30pm to 1.30pm, come and support us! We will set up a booth and guide you on how to become one of our member.

Basically there are only 4 Steps for registeration as our member.
1) fill in your name in our registration form.
2) bring RM 5 as member fee
3) give a “like” to our music club page
4) share it and invite your friends to join us.

If you have class or can’t make it on 12.30pm to 1.30pm?
We will post our registration form in our music club page, you can open the attachment and fill in your details there.
( please don’t leave it blank)

We will have a member gathering on Thursday night 8pm- 10pm.
Those who havent pay the member fees, Please make sure you bring RM 5 on that day.

For more information, please contact

Zi Chiann

Vice president:
Jovy loo
Or message us in music club page.

Facebook Page:

No matter from which faculty you are, music unite us all.
See you all soon.


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