Aimst University Deepavali Night 2012 Promo Video by [BEST]

Aimst University Deepavali Night 2012 Promo Video by [BEST]

Behold [BEST] Brilliant Entertainment Studios first ever Sci-Fi Promotional Video, written and directed by Aarons Rogers. Deepavali Night 2012 is a charity concert brought to you by Indian Cultural Society (ICS) in collaboration with AIMST University.

Aimst University Deepavali Night 2012, Colours of Rongoli

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[BEST] Film Team:
Written & Directed
– Aarons Rogers –

Audio Project Director
– Gordon Giles Pereira –

– Pavithran as Agent 1 –
– Kishul Thevan as Agent 7 –

Voice Casting
– Diviya as Computer –
– Dinesh as Agent 7 –

Chief Camera Operator
– Maximilian J. Wong –

Visual Effects (VFX) Concept Artist
– Aarons Rogers –
– Kumaran Ramani –

– Aarons Rogers –

Green Screen Grip
– Kumaran Ramani –

Script translated by
– Pavithran –
– Siven –
– Tamil School Teachers –

Background songs and Sound effects used
2. ICON Trailer Music Release Vol. 4 and 5

A futuristic sci-fi advertisement of Deepavali Night 2012. The story was told as Agent 1 gives the intel on a most wanted suspect taking refuge in AIMST. Their intel have found that villain (a reincarnation of Narakasura) will be there on Deepavali Night 2012 as a fake disguise. They will hack into AIMST system to identify the high risk suspects and to run facial diagnostic to get a face match. Along hi-fi systematical analysis along “depth tunnel” they are looking into each types of performance. All the types of performance was shown to them, facial diagnostic was unremarkable. Hacking deeper was getting tougher. System becomes inaccessible once AIMST trojan virus interferes and the depth tunnel has to be shut down before the virus discover those Agents secret location.

Showing the blank video over they both agents voice. Agent 1 says that they have no other option but to attend to Deepavali night 2012. Agent 7 will then proceed to attend Deepavali Night 2012 symbolizing the request to the citizen of Malaysia, to attend Deepavali Night 2012 at AIMST University. The depth tunnel reappears and its ending converts to colourful vectors and transforms into Colours of Rangoli logo.

****Promotional Video © 2012 [BEST] Brilliant Entertainment Studios ****

*AIMST Deepavali Night 2012, Charity Concert by ICS and AIMST University *

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