Oppa AIMSTer Style by TheMick3yloh

Mickey Loh strikes back again with dance MV “Oppa AIMSTer Style”.

Published on 29 Nov 2012 by TheMick3yloh

Attention : We do not own any copyright of the music, it belongs to YG Entertainment.
This video is made for home use and for entertainment only.

hi guys , so this is another video which i have promised , enjoy ~ ^^

The original purpose of this video clip is to bring out the fun feelings of studying in university ( my university name is AIMST) , u can see some crazy friendship , love relation , lecturer-student bond scenery inside this video as well , and i really hope u guys can actually watch this MV for several times as there are actually some layers of hidden meaning inside some scene that i hope u all can achieve ( trust me , its meaningful ^^ ) ,and to all my friend in AIMST and everyone in university , lets enjoy our university life to the MAX! ^^

disclaimer :
1. dont hate this video T.T , cause every each of us sacrifice a lot to make this video become real
2. nothing is harmed during the making of this video, hehe ~

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