Donation Drive for the Chennai flood victims

As you all know, massive flooding has caused widespread damage and destruction in the city of Chennai in India. Many lives have been lost and many more of the victims of Chennai’s worst ever flood occurance are desperate for aid.

We, the AUSC ’15/16 working hand in hand with RED Association of AIMST, will be organising a donation drive to send help to those who need it in Chennai.

The donation drive conducted from 9/12 to 14/12 during lunch hours ( 1200-1400hrs) and dinner hours (1830-2130hrs) at the AIMST University Cafeteria.





Just to inform everyone that the recent donation drive for the Chennai flood victims organised by RED Association in collaboration with the AUSC 15/16 was a huge success! The items donated have already been sent to an affiliate who will ship the items to Chennai flood relief centres. We sincerely applaud the kind hearts of Aimsters who came out to donate for this noble cause. Thank you everyone!





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