AIMST University RED Movie 2012


From the Director of “I Want To Be A Dentist & A Silent Memory”, [BEST] Brilliant Entertainment Studios & RED Association gives you AIMST RED Movie.

Join in the adventure to discover the role of RED Association to “Reach Out, Embrace & Deliver” to all the medically ill or disable patients in Malaysia. The story is about the financial aid that RED association provides to 3 patients at Sungai Petani, Kedah. Furthermore, it is portrayed that anything that was RED, was friendly, kind & generous. If anything is not RED, stay back! This was shown in an abstract perspective through a days’ journey of a young lady (Loh Sue Anne).

The film was Written by Lam Vi Yen & Vikneswaran Govindasamy and Directed by Aarons Rogers. This promotional movie was done over a 2 weeks period & then post-produced for 30 hours by [BEST] Brilliant Entertainment Studios. Indeed, it is a successful collaboration between RED Association & [BEST].

Reach Out. Embrace. Deliver (R.E.D) ASSOCIATION

AIMST medical students through their experiences of practical encounters at the local hospitals have come to realized that there is an urgent need to help the needy and under-privileged patients who have post-hospital needs.

R.E.D Association (Reach out, Embrace, Deliver) which would be used to start a rolling fund from which such patients can benefit. We believe that such an association in a medical university is a first in Malaysia.

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