Aimst 4th Convocation 2011 – Chancellor’s Message

Chancellor’s Message

Time moves very fast. It seems only a short time ago we set pen to paper and enshrined the vision and mission of AIMST University.

Our development in the past years is indeed worthy of praise, characterized by impressive performances and notable achievements by our students and Faculty as you can see not only in the Milestones of the 4 th Convocation Souvenier programme, but here before you the few hundred graduands from diverse disciplines of AIMST University.

As we continue to grow in challenging times, AIMST University strives to build on the merits it has gained over the years. A lot of hard work went into moulding the young minds to new levels of achievements.

We have always taken care to research meticulously the details of all courses to be incorporated by AIMST University, and obtained the all important stamp of approval from the Malaysian Quality Assurance body so that our students are reassured of a quality education and can carry on their studies uninterrupted.

To the graduands who will be entering the corporate arena my belief is that this University has prepared you well to shoulder tasks that await you outside. I would like to encourage you to continually stretch your minds, broaden your horizons and refine your goals. Explore and learn from a multitude of different perspectives that will present itself, yet maintain your individuality and uniqueness.

I believe that your experience here at AIMST is best captured by the words of the poet Thomas Carlyle: “The block of granite which was an obstacle in the path of the weak, becomes a steppingstone in the path of the strong.”

You are the educated strong. I urge you to move forward with optimism, excitement and be forward looking despite challenging times. Make a positive contribution to our nation’s development and the world. May whatever you wish for as you journey through this life come true.

In closing, I would like to sincerely thank our dedicated staff who have paid close attention to the students progress. I applaud you for your confidence, your commitment and most of all your tremendous dedication in sometimes trying circumstances, yet our programmes have remained of the highest standard.

Thank You.



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