Reach out Embrace Deliver (R.E.D) Association – Mission & Vission


AIMST medical students through their experiences of practical encounters at the local hospitals have come to realized that there is an urgent need to help the needy and under-priviledged patients who have post-hospital needs.

R.E.D Association will be used to start a rolling fund from which such patients can benefit. And we believe that Such an association in medical university is a first in Malaysia.

Thus, R.E.D Association (Reach out, Embrace, Deliver) founded by AIMST University medical students was launched in 21st April 2011.


  • Raise funds to help the less fortunate patients from selected hospitals that are unable to secure funds from any other sources.
  • To be compassionate to the needy.
  • To make R.E.D an active association.


  • We hope to cultivate R.E.D spirit to other medical colleges and hope to collaborate with them.
  • We hope to extend our help nationwide.
  • To unite all medical students in the country for this noble course.

Music of Hope Charity Night

  • In conjunction of launching of R.E.D Association, MBBS students have had put up a wonderful show packed with performances.
  • The show was a great success with an attendance of more than 1000 guests.
  • Profit from the evening was RM24,186.70

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