AIMST University Earth Day 22nd April 2011

In conjunction to the Earth Day, lets wear green or white on this 22nd April. At 8.30 to 9.30p.m., we shall off our lights.
Lets celebrate together.
Happy Earth Day!!!

Organized by: Leo Club of AIMST University


Objective :

  1. To create awareness among students in AIMST about the importance of caring for the Earth.
  2. To help the students to realise how small changes in their lifestyle can help the Earth in a great way
  3. To create closer bonds among members who have participated.

On this day, people around the world will celebrate a special occasion together. It is the Earth Day. Although it is less well known compared to the Earth Hour and the International Environment Day, its celebration will still certainly be one that will help the Earth to go greener and healthier.

This is the first Earth Day celebrated by Leo Club of AIMST University (Omega) after its formation last year. This year, the club hope to do small things with sustainable effect for the environment. We have run a university-based campaign mainly to raise the awareness of the students about the need to do something for the environment and how easy it can actually be. The club hope that the effort being carried out will help to create a greener campus.

There are three things in total that has been carried out by the club in conjunction with the celebration.

  • Encourage the students in the university to wear green or white on 22nd April to classes as well as walking around the campus. This will not help in creating a greener Earth but the reason we have done this is to let the students to have a sense of awareness that they still have the Mother Nature to take care of. Many students have responded to the request and have turned out white or green on that day. One of the students has mentioned that wearing green gave her a sense of participation in the campaign directly.
  • Instruct the university’s cafe, bookstore as well as grocery store to avoid giving out plastic bags on that day. The bookstore as well as the grocery store adhered to the request but it was a bit difficult for the cafe to do so as certain kind of foods especially those with gravy will require a plastic bag to contain. Nevertheless, the encouraging response from both the students as well as the store operators has helped to ensure that first more stumbling blocks are now being removed in the effort of the club to create a greener campus.
  • Let the students to switch off the lights in their own room from 8.30pm-9.30pm on that night. On checking by a few of the members of the club, the response from the students was much better than expected. We believe that this small step will help the participants to realize the need to conserve electricity. Many might not know how great the impact will it be by just conserving electricity at the individual level.

Again, through this small act, we hope to help the members in taking baby steps to finally contribute to a greener campus and ultimately a greener Earth.

Remark from Organizing Chairperson :
The project has been carried out quite successfully but it can be improved if more university students can get themselves involved with it. In the same time, caring about the Earth should not be on one day only and more thing should be done to ensure that the environment can be healthier and greener for human being to live in.

Reported by,
Leo WeeChee Tan

Earth Day :

Organizing Chairperson:

Leo Kobbiganivaarani

Assistant Organizing Chairperson:
Leo TzeCheng Wong

Leo WeeChee Tan

Leo ChuHan Chew

“Every day is Earth Day.”

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