Hostellers Notice: Memorandam From Student Affairs 2011

To All Hostellers


Maintenance has noted that room fans are left on even when students aren’t in the rooms or in the apartments. Please note that this can cause overheating and the bearings to dry up thus causing the fans to be noisy and to malfunction.

Please switch of all fans when not in use and remember that hostellers are liable for such damages caused by negligence.


Please note that use of any electrical appliances is strongly discouraged especially those of the two pin type and especially NON SIRIM passed appliances. These are a fire hazard and your cooperation in this matter will be highly appreciated. Random checks will be carried out by the Health and Safety Division with the cooperation of Student Affairs and Maintenance Division to ensure safety standards are adhered to. Potential fire hazards will be promptly confiscated.


Any breakages and missing items, for example shower heads, floor traps etc due to negligence is liable to result in the holding back of students deposit. You are also requested to be more careful with your apartment keys and get replacement or duplicates on your own as the wardens will only allow you access once. Please get your room-mates keys to make a duplicate.

Thankyou you for your attention in these matters. Please contact student affairs if you have any problems with the above and your constructive feedback will be valued highly.

Source: from announcement at hostel notice board

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