AIMST Recycling Project 2011

AIMST Recycling Project 2011
“We Serve, For a Better Environment”
Brought to you by LEO Club of AIMST University , and Aimst Methodist Christian Fellowship

Do You Know
Every Year, AIMST Student produces tons of Recycleables (eg. books, lecture notes, newspaper, drink cans etc after finishing their course…… All will go to waste if the recycleables are not handled properly.
We organise this Recycling Project to aid you all and protect the environment we are living in……

What You Can Do
On 4th March 2011 (FRI) & 5th March 2011 (SAT)
Place all your Recycleables at :
The Open Lobby beside the Laundry of Male and Female Block
OR . Outside your Unit/House Main Door
OR . Contact Us for More Information
Hu Chong Siang (AMCF), Wong Tze Cheng (LEO CLUB)

Collection will be made at 3.30p.m. – 6.30p.m. 4th March 2011 (FRI)
9.00a.m. – 12.00p.m. 5th March 2011 (SAT)

What We DO
materials in good conditions will be sold (as second hand) to junior batches , and the rest to the recycling plant. Collected funds will be allocated for charity.

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