Hostellers Notice: Lost Room Keys

To all hostellers


of late there has been a surge of claims of lost apartment keys and room keys. Please note that this can pose a security risk to your valuables as well as your room mates’ valuables.

From now on any student who claims to have:

1) Lost his/her key will have to pay RM15 at the Student Affairs Division (Attn: Ms. M. Gaiteri) and wait for 3 days for a replacement key.

2) Left his/her key in the room will have to get the help of his/her mates to gain access as wardens will no longer be authorized to use the spare keys to acess the room / apartment as all spare keys will be secured at the main Student Affairs Office and only accessible during office hours.

This is also to ensure the integrity of the wardens on duty.

Both the above mentioned problems are human negligence and irresponsibility. You have to learn to be responsible for your actions.

By Student Affair Division.

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