MBBS Batch 12 Community Medicine Posting Posters

DHO posting is an interesting post as it teaches us how the Malaysia health care system functions at district level.

During the whole posting, we found out that health care is not only about hospital and clinic, it involves vast areas such as education, food and water sanitation, environment safety, diseases controlled program, disaster management plans and the care of special individuals. What we list out is a small portion that I able to learn in 2 weeks duration and it still much more to be learned.

We are happy that the people there are willing to teach us although they are busy with their work and we also get help from our lecturer whenever there is something we do not understand. This posting is important for doctor in order to understand the functions and responsibilities of district health officer and know how to corporate with them to make out a better management plans for the health care system.

During the posting to district health office, we learned some extra knowledge new to us but common to the community.

  1. BAKAS – One very important aspect as it ensure that every individual will be provided with a safe and clean water supply.
  2. School health Program – Provide us with additional information on how the school health team works to ensure that all students are given the best of care
  3. Food Quality Control – Ensure the safety of end consumer on food quality
  4. Maternal and Child Health care – The quality and facilities provided by the ministry to every children and mother to ensure that best of health care are given
  5. Although not part of the program, we also learn about the importance of team work. Sharing of information is of utmost important.

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