The birth of the Dragon Lantern 2010

The Dragon lantern was created for the AIMST Lantern Festival 2010. Created from wire-frame and colored paper, students taken about 1 month to complete it. The wire-frame creation is the hardest part as it involved bending hard iron wires and shape it with geometry precision so that the final wire-frame don’t collapse on its own weight. The frame is created start from the head section. Concept and Design by RIG

The Wire-Frame of the Dragon Lantern. As said, head is the hardest section.

Fixing the color paper on the wire-frame.

Fixing the Socket and the light bulb.

The close up of the wire-frame and the light bulb inserted.

First test on lighting up the bulbs that is just installed.

Left: Decorating the head of the dragon with the clear colored paper .
Right: Bringing out the Dragon Lantern to the cafeteria.

The PaPa Dragon and the Child Dragon.

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