Aimst University Logo Flash Animation

White Edition

Black Edition

After hours of vector drawing and layering, an improved aimst logo flash animation created. compared to the previous version, this logo have a nicer glow , shadings and in harmony with the white background.

Aimst logo is basically a symbol of an Atom. The moving starlight move along the three green “rings” around the red sphere represent the movement of electrons around an atom.

The logo is designed using macromedia flash 8, a program that is currently taken over by adobe with their new package of Adobe Flash. It is a very handy program if you want to create nice image using just lines and vectors.

Basically if you are planing to do one animating logo like this, you need to think in layers. like any nice graphics around, there are small items that build up a big picture. it is like looking a high rise from a satellite view, what you see from the top, is build up from many smaller items and layers when you see it from the ground view, some are repeated units and some are unique. In this logo, when you view from the side what you see in order is:

  1. first layer is the alpha channel and red coating of the starlight of the red sphere.
  2. starlight of the red sphere.
  3. red sphere .
  4. alpha channel and warm yellow coating of starlight of the green “rings”.
  5. starlight of the green “rings”.
  6. track the starlight moving on.
  7. green glow cast by starlight on the green “rings”.
  8. green “rings”.
  9. and lastly at the ground floor the white background.

The green rings and its starlight is duplicated 3 times around the red sphere at different angles with 1/3 delay of each sequence, so that it will not all move together.

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