Constitution for AIMST Badminton Association 2009

Constitution for AIMST Badminton Association 2009/2010

1. Name
1.1 The name of the association shall be the AIMST Badminton Association, hereafter referred to as ‘ABA’.

2. Aims and Objectives
ABA shall hold the following as its aims and objectives. ABA shall strive to fulfil these aims and objectives in the course of the academic year as its commitment to its membership.
2.1 To create a well-balanced individual with physical, emotional and mental fitness and to enhance the individual’s quality of life with a healthy life style.
2.2 To integrate students of all courses or programmes of study and to foster the unity and fellowship among the students and members of same common interest.
2.3 To enhance one’s knowledge in their respective areas of interest and to cultivate the personal development and scholarship standard in the sport of badminton.
2.4 To instil leadership skills in organizing the activities, to develop future leaders, to promote high standards of leadership character and to strive for the spirit of sportsmanship.
2.5 To promote the game and the sport of badminton by organizing the practice or training and the tournaments.
2.6 To cooperate and interact with other badminton association, organizations, clubs and players at the regional level.

3. Association Logo

3.1 The graphic representation of the shuttlecock depicts the identity and role of ABA towards the direction of promoting the sport of badminton.
3.2 The red colour derived from the colour of the nucleus in the centre of the University logo, symbolizing the energetic corporate structure of the association and placing the main focus of development at the university level.
3.3 The black word “ABA” means the acronym of the name of the association- AIMST Badminton Association.

4. Membership and Non-discrimination Policy
4.1 The following shall be eligible to become members of ABA:
4.1.1 AIMST University Students
4.2 All members of ABA shall share the equal rights to receive fair treatment, privilege or benefits.
4.3 Certain related activities shall be based upon such considerations as performance, achievements, and other criteria related to the goals of ABA and purposes of the activities. Judgements in this regard based solely on an individual’s race, colour, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, marital status, or political belief are not judgements based on such considerations.
4.4 As an entry requirement of membership, all members shall pay an annual subscription to join the association; the membership fee shall be decided by the association committee.
4.5 Any member may be suspended or expelled and subjected to such disciplinary action that the Executive Committee deems fit, for any violation of the provisions of the constitution, or for any conduct that is considered by the Executive Committee to be contrary to the Constitution and/or detrimental to the interests of the members and purpose of ABA. The Executive Committee shall handle removal procedures of members based upon the facts and allegations of each individual case.
4.6 No action can be initiated under this provision by the Executive Committee unless the members of ABA approve the proposed action by two-thirds majority. The final decision, however, lies with the officers of the Executive Committee.

5. The Executive Committee
5.1 The Executive Committee shall be responsible for managing and administering all affairs and activities pertaining to the objectives and interests of ABA and shall consist of as many of the following voting members as possible (though filling of all positions is not necessary):
5.1.1 President
5.1.2 Vice-President
5.1.3 Treasurer
5.1.4 Secretary
5.1.5 Committee Member(s)
5.2 All Executive Committee must be members of the association.
5.3 The members of the Executive Committee shall serve for one academic year only or until such time when new office bearers are elected into the office.
5.4 No committee member shall hold more than one post during each academic year (though in the absence of a filled position, other members may take the responsibilities of that position, as decided by the committee).
5.5 Terms of office for the Executive Committee shall begin at the close of the meeting at which they are elected.
5.6 The Executive Committee shall appoint sub-committees and their members for various events and activities as and when necessary with the concurrence of the Advisors.
5.7 Activities organized by the association are subject to approval by the Advisors. The executive Committee shall meet with members, approve the budget, approve bills, review and report performance of officers to the Advisors. It shall furnish a report during the AGM on its activities during the previous year.
5.8 Fund raising outside the AIMST student community in respect of any activity should not be attempted unless special permission has been obtained from the University Authorities.

6. Management and Job Descriptions
6.1 The President shall represent the ABA, and shall be responsible for making sure that the association is run according to the association Constitution and code of conduct as far as can be reasonably expected.
6.2 The President will, during his/her term of office, preside at all meetings and will be responsible for the proper conduct of all such meetings. He/she will sign the minutes of each meeting at the time they are approved.
6.3 The Vice President will deputize for the President during the latter’s absence.
6.4 The President and Treasurer shall sign an ICU Financial Responsibility form, and shall be aware of the ICU Financial Regulations.
6.5 The Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the association and shall carry out the day-to-day financial duties of the club. He/she will keep account of all its financial transactions and will be responsible for their correctness.
6.6 The Secretary will conduct the activities of ABA in accordance with its rules and shall be responsible for conducting all correspondence, recording minutes of all club meetings, assisting the president in all club activities, recording club events and activities in the archive, providing information to the webmaster for posting and keeping all the books, documents and papers except the accounts and financial records.
6.7 Committee Members are responsible for running club sessions.
6.8 The management of the association shall be vested in the Executive Committee.
6.9 Quorum of the committee shall be two thirds of the voting committee.

7. Meetings
7.1 Types of meetings:
7.1.1 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
7.1.2 Committee Meeting
7.2 An AGM of the association shall be held each year on a date and at a time and place decided by the Committee. The AGM shall have as its main business on the presentation of the Officers Reports for the previous year and the election of the Committee for the next session.
7.3 A preliminary notice of AGM stating the date, time and the place will be sent by the Secretary to all members not later than fourteen days before the date fixed for the meeting and this notice shall be displayed on the main notice board of AIMST.
7.4 The quorum of Executive Committee meeting will be one-half of its total membership. The Executive Committee will meet at a time and place decided by the committee. If a quorum is not present within half an hour after the time appointed for the meeting, it will then be postponed to a date, not exceeding seven days, to be decided by the Executive Committee. If a quorum is not present within half an hour after the appointed time for the postponed meeting, the members shall have the power to proceed with the meeting.
7.5 The President acting alone, or not less than three of its members acting together, may call for a meeting of the Executive Committee to be held at any time. The agenda of committee meeting shall be:
7.5.1 To plan and implement activities.
7.5.2 To have brainstorming sessions among members on the activities.
7.5.3 To provide feedback on the activities initiated by the association.
7.5.4 To review and evaluate on the effectiveness of activities.
7.6 Decision shall be reached by a simple majority of the voting members present.

8. Advisors
8.1 The association shall have a maximum of two Advisors who are University staff.

9. Rights and Privileges
9.1 All members shall have the right of access to the association’s Constitution.
9.2 All members shall have the right to vote and to voice in the meeting at the appropriate time.
9.3 Any Executive Committee member or any member has the right to resign from the association and shall give at least two weeks’ notice in writing to the Secretary and shall pay up all dues.
9.4 All members have the right to challenge rules and decisions set by the Executive Committee. They may do so in writing, and all concerns shall be duly heard in a general meeting and appropriately resolved by way of parliamentary or other appropriate democratic procedures.

10. Finance
10.1 The funds of the association shall consist of the annual subscriptions of members and contributions from others.
10.2 At the end of each financial year, a statement of receipts and payments and a balance sheet for the year shall be prepared and audited by the auditors appointed.

11. Audit
11.1 Two persons, who are not office-bearers of the association, shall be appointed by the AGM as auditors.
11.2 The Auditors shall be required to audit the accounts of the association and to verify its correctness.

12. Amendments
12.1 Amendments to the by-laws of the association Constitution may be done only if voted and passed with a two-thirds majority of members present. Proposed amendments must be tabled and presented to all members two weeks before the AGM.

13. Dissolution
13.1 The association may be voluntarily dissolved by a resolution of not less than three-fifths of the total voting membership.
13.2 In the event of the students’ association being dissolved as provided above, all the remaining funds shall be disposed of in such manner as may be decided upon by a general meeting.
13.3 Notice of dissolution shall be forwarded to the Registrar not later than fourteen days before the date of dissolution.

14. Declaration
14.1 ABA hereby adopts and accepts this Constitution as a current operating guide regulating the actions of members.

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