Summary of First Minutes of Meeting – The Concept of Multimedia Club


– Multimedia-based club formed by students of AIMST for students of AIMST(whether they’re familiar with the areas involved). ~lostwhiteking05~
– Multimedia, as the most diverse discipline of the modern world, encloses all Digital related mass media forms, such as photography, graphic designing, animation, movie making, web interface designing , programming, etc. We would like to promote the interest in multimedia making as a bridge between communications. It can be an added advantage to the student for the future needs. Special courses or talks can be organized for the student in interest to upgrade themselves (Such as how to make a successful Power point presentation, and how to take a good promotion of their product through creative photography technique).
– There will be many categories falls under this multimedia club. Hence it is good to have one club stands for many, so that students can join one club but benefit all. Below are my basic ideas of what AIMST should have in their list of clubs, which can fall under multimedia club.


– ANIME (Japanese Animation) is the most mature, advanced and well recognized drawn animation (either by hand or by computer). They emphasis not only on artwork, creativity, storyline, but also pioneers in imagination of the future worlds with robots and life. Hence, Anime drawing not only emphasizes their talent in story making, but multiple talent from pre-production, production and post-production. However in AIMST we cannot have ample amount of time for anime production, but we can benefit from it through Anime Art work discussion and sharing of their common likings on Anime. We can invite people working behind the scenes (like what MMU did) and have a mini Anime Convention. Therefore, The students not only gain the knowledge on Anime production, but also enhance the relationship through common likings. Furthermore, with events such as Cosplay and character drawing, we can let their creative minds and skillful hands to be in good use.
– According to observations on AIMST students, many of the students do love ANIME such as Gundam, Bleach, Naruto.


– AIMST is in lack of Student photographer. Photography is more powerful than words (as pictures worth more than a thousand words). Photography not only important as part of memories, but also a multi-billion business that many fields rely on it, especially Business and Technology. Photography ranges from events photography to product promotion to astronomy, macro and micro photography. It involves not only the gadgets they use, but also their creative minds in framing composition.
– First of all, with photography club, we can promote student journalist skills in AIMST events photo shooting and writing (AIMS T students can have chance to take nice photo of AIMST and Sungai Petani, which can be use in AIMST promotion of the University worldwide. Moreover, they can learn about photo rights and they can benefit from it by selling their nice shots.)
– Secondly, an exposure to advance photography world will open their minds to endless possibility and interest. (Special photographic outings – such as to the Zoo or Parks – can be organized to promote interactions between students. Inviting professional photographers for talks may benefit beginners and advance users. In AIMST MBBS course alone, there is more than 5 people I know having DSLR cameras. With such club exists, their DSLRs will not be sitting at the corners collecting dust. A photo a day will keep the fungus away).
– Thirdly, Photography is not only important at their photo production, but also the post-production. (Having a graphic design and post-production course/talks will make butterflies out of a paper. Endless graphic creativity lies ahead).


– The internet is useless without websites. Web designing can be easy as “Copy and Paste”, or as hard as making databases and source code out of it. Web designing not only test your designing skills, creativity and presentation, but also the knowledge to internet laws and rights, traffic driving, advertisements and partnership. It takes a wise man to know when and how to make a successful website like Facebook, Friendster, Yahoo, Google etc. (Facebook is created by a Harvard university student – Mark Zuckerberg – and now it is a multi-billion social website). Since many AIMST student love blogging and online forums, it is wise to guide them to perfect their skills and makes AIMST student better than others. Otherwise , they will stand like sand in sea of internet and soon they will loose interest on it. Furthermore, AIMST official website can be more attractive as students will know what students need. They can write interesting articles, simple java games, and post nice events photographs. It integrates all multimedia skills and creative minds, and also serves as a platform to promote AIMST. (so that other technological course don’t fall aback from major leading course like MBBS and BDS, and stays competitive). With proper short conventions/talks/course in web designing to all AIMST students will makes AIMST different. Students can join intercampus or international web design competitions.


– Movie making club however is not too popular vision of AIMST student. Since movie making involve even more time, preparation, man power and gadget than other interest, and it is rather a team work effort to make a movie successful. However, with proper exposure to the behind the scene, students can know how block buster movies and thrillers are made. Furthermore, with such interest, students can make short films, either to promote students life, having fun, or even participate in the National/International Short Film Contest. They will get support and comments and criticizes from peoples around, and hence make them try harder in the next movie. Moreover, it may trigger their interest in joining the movie arena next time. Since Movie making club and International Movie Club, Performance Art Club can work side by side, it is good to have inter-clubs co-operations. With proper supports, movie making club can make documentaries out of AIMST student life and AIMST special events. (and of course for educational purpose and publicity purpose, similar to photography club).


– We had the ideas but don’t have the expertise. We hope someone will help out and lead the leads.

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