AIMST Photography Club (Vison, Mission & Goals)

Based on The AIMST Photography Club Constitution 2009 (1st Edition)

To be successful club, achieving excellence in knowledge, skills and social wellbeing, through common interest in photography.

2.1 Main Role and Scope
The main role of the Photography Club is to promote interactions between students through common interest in photography, to provide platform for improving photographic knowledge and skills, to expose the wonders of advance photography, to understand the importance of photography in modern world, and to understand legal and ethical issues involve in photography.

2.1.1 Promote Interactions
It is important to cultivate a rational, understanding and united society, especially in the era of globalization. Interactions between individuals and communities will form the key to integrations. Photography Club will promote interactions of AIMST Student through sharing of photos, common memories and stories, photography techniques, photography experiences, and research to reach a higher level.
Photography Club can work with AIMST or any existing clubs in AIMST. This provides inter community interactions, and also the benefit of promoting healthy AIMST University Culture and Lifestyle through photos.

2.1.2 In line with AIMST K-economy tenets
It is known that AIMST University fully subscribes to the tenets of the K-economy. The knowledge of photography can be contributor to economic growth and wealth creation as well as the basis of comparative advantage in the dawning era of globalization.

2.1.3 Sharing Experiences
Most of the knowledge that do not come from books can be learn through internet. However, it will be better if you would have experience it yourself. Photography Club can provide a common platform for AIMST student to discuss on the pros and cons of their photography gear and experience of using them. This will make them understand that no gear is perfect and guide them for finding practical ways to improve their photo taking using their current gear. This promotes “always do further research” mentality between AIMST students. Furthermore, a better insight will guide them to make a good choice when purchasing a new gear.

2.1.4 Legal and Ethical Understanding
Photography is not only the technology to capture memories and create art, but also as powerful as facts when come to legal issues. A genuine photo can be provided as court evidence. A snap at unreleased, unpatented products will lead to leakage of new technology. Hence photography is protected and controlled by law. The photographer who take the photo have copyrights, the human subjects or the location been taken into the photo have their rights to get informed consent. By understanding legal and ethical issues of photography, certain conflict can be avoided.

2.1.5 Multi Discipline Benefits
Photography involves many disciplines such as technical, pre-processing, photo processing and post-processing. It is shown in chart 1, the scope of AIMST photography club. Hence, photography is a huge knowledge by its own. Understanding photography will make more wonders out of static pictures.

2.2 Extended Role and Scope
Photography club can extend its role to various other disciplines. Such as Astronomy, Student Photo Journalist, Movie Making, DIY (Do It Yourself), Website Designing, Graphic Designing .etc due to its basic requirement of photography. This extended spectrum of relations to photography club will make the club even more useful in creating a multi-talent community.

The extended role and scope is not meant to conflict with other clubs, but will be essential to cultivate the further interest in photography and understand its diversity in relations. The extended role and scope will diminish if such clubs exists, and hence fore the photography club will exist as a mutual cooperation with the clubs.

2.2.1 Astronomy
Astronomy is the study of space and universe. However such studies require gadgets, knowledge and skills of photography. Our role in astronomy will be just within the basis of astro-photography including its equipment setup and skills of taking successful photograph through super telephoto equipments.

2.2.2 Student Photo Journalist
Photo Journalist is currently most favorable trend of writing a journal, especially tour and food journals. A photo worth a thousand words. Photos with nicely written article will be priceless. Hence by cultivate the interest of proper journal writing with photography will benefit the student regardless of career specialty.

2.2.3 Movie Making
Photography shares the similar knowledge and skills in movie making, from the preparations to the post-production. It is said fundamentally that movie making is the process of making a motion picture through a series of static photographs. Our role in movie making includes background settings, lightings, subject positioning, special effect manipulation, and digital post-processing. Members can be exposed to behind the scene of movie making and hence cultivate the interest in making a successful movie / short film.

2.2.4 DIY
Do It Yourself, is a field of knowledge that converts an ideas to ideals by series of research and innovation effort. With DIY, the limitless field of photography can be further exploited through innovation and creation of items that aids photography. DIY includes creation of automated electronics, special effect lens and object, and items that enable special photography such as under water and natural photography. One of an example is to create laser guided photography in sports. The activation of the laser sensor by crossing over of the athletes will automatically release shutter button of the camera. By promoting DIY in photography will spike new innovation that will bring photography towards new frontiers.

2.2.5 Website Designing
The most common ways of publishing the photographic artwork is through the internet, where billions of photographs are shared and circulated daily in blogs, forums and websites. Most of the AIMST students are at least have a blog or being active in an online forum or active in a social website. Furthermore with faster internet, websites do not go modular. Hence website designing will be essential in promoting photographs as well as the ideas and meaning of it. Therefore, with website designing skills, journal writing skills and photography skills, the essence of AIMST University Life will be better portrayed to the public.

2.2.6 Graphic Designing
Post-production of photos requires knowledge of graphic designing. Graphic designing includes the effort to add in special effect graphics and animations, and the final touch up skills through photo editing software. With exposure to graphic designing, Students can have better control over their final masterpiece.

2.3 Club Mission
• To be a premier club in the university that promotes the integrity of the students through multi-disciplinary effort for a common interest.
• To offer high quality assured knowledge and skills of photography to the students at a club level to meet individual, community and national needs.
• To maintain high standards of discipline in field of photography that promotes analytical, rational, critical and innovative thinking, and independent judgments which is the qualities required to function responsibly in an increasingly global society.

2.4 General Goals
The club has established broad, general goals in order to facilitate the achievement and realization of its mission. These are outlined below. Under the direction of Club Advisor and Club President, and working through with committee members and normal members, AIMST Photography Club will annually establish specific operational objectives in respect of these goals.

2.4.1 Excellence
• Provide knowledge and skills excellence through opportunity of different photographic conditions, situations and locations.
• Provide photography workshops/convention/talks that enhance the multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills in meeting the individual, community and national needs in the continuous growing challenge in modern world.
• Provide opportunity on the frontiers of science and technology related to photography with actively updating research and development news discussion.
• Inculcate positive attitudes into active learning process which inspire its continuity as a life-long pursuit towards achieving excellence.

2.4.2 Responsiveness
• Provide activities that prepare students for future career opportunities and needs.
• Provide a creative and innovative environment that promotes positive and active learning process.
• Promote public awareness of its high visionary club that have multi-disciplinary approach towards a common interest.

2.4.3 Discipline
• Provide a legal and ethical guideline to promote a responsible and discipline orientated photographer.
• Encourage critical, rational and independent judgments that do not put any party at risk or trouble.
• Encourage the culture of responsible and maximal use of all major equipment acquired by the University and Club and for their cost-effective maintenance.

2.4.4 Unity
• Encourage intra and inter community interactions that foster the understanding, unity and integrations between members of different backgrounds.
• Promote well co-ordinate service-oriented activities by the members for the benefit of the community.

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