AIMST Photography Club (The Organisational Chart)

Based on The AIMST Photography Club Constitution 2009 (1st Edition)

The AIMST Photography Club organizational structure consists of principal officer and committee members. The principal officer consists of advisor, president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. The committee member is further specified into event coordinator, liaison, public relations, audio-visual & IT service.
4.1 Principal Officers
The principal officers lead the central affairs of the club.

4.1.1 Advisor
The advisor is responsible for giving ideas to the club, mainly guiding the club’s activities towards achieving its goals.

4.1.2 President
The president acts as the leader of the club, managing the overall decisions made for the club in its advance towards its goals.

4.1.3 Vice-President
The Vice-President acts as a assistant to the president, giving valuable opinions and ideas to ensure that more effective and efficient decisions are made in order to meet the club’s goals.

4.1.4 Treasurer
The treasurer acts as the finance manager of the club and plays the most important role in the club as activities can run more smoothly when there is enough funding.
4.1.5 Secretary
The secretary keeps the document of the club and records each minute of meetings for future reference.

4.2 Committee Members
The Committee Members helps the keep the flow of the club with the guidance of the principle officers.

4.2.1 Event Coordinator
The event coordinator coordinates the flow of the event with organizing committee and the fellow photographers.

4.2.2 Liaison

4.2.3 Public Relations

4.2.4 Audio-Visual & IT Service
Dealing with IT services includes Photo editing, Animations, and web designing.

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