AIMST Photography Club (The Activities)

Based on The AIMST Photography Club Constitution 2009 (1st Edition)


The Photography Club has several activities that can be done to promote the interaction within the members and non-members, in order to comply with the missions and goals set earlier.

5.1 Meetings

5.1.1 Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a compulsory meeting that must be held every year. The decision on activities of the following annum, election of new officers, review of activities of previous annum, suggestion of new amendments and improvements will be done on the AGM. With the starting of AGM, a new annum for the club starts. The President will set a date for the AGM.

5.1.2 Special Meeting
Special Meetings includes meetings before holding a new event/activity, emergency meetings, and council meetings. Details of the activity planning, new idea suggestion and improvement to a current problem will discuss in the meetings.

5.2 Photography Session
The Photography Session is a session where members are allowed to fully documentary an event process, outings, or a location in interest. The Photography Club will have a copy of the photos taken by the members for future reference, education or discussion purpose. Special purchase for hard copy of photos can be requested from the club with minimal charges for production of the photos. All earnings will be directed to the club fund.

5.2.1 AIMST/Club/Class Events
Members will be taking photos of an event organized by AIMST University, another club, class, or other third party organizers. Permission pass may be required depends on condition.

5.2.2 AIMST Scenery
On this session, members are allowed to share and discuss the photo of the AIMST landscape, and special sceneries. Technique and photo gear can be discussed in order to improve member’s skills and better understanding on their gear.

5.2.3 Special Outings
Special photographic outings are the main benefit of photography club. Such educational outings can be lead by lecturers or invited professionals. Natural Outing such as Zoos and Parks will expose to the knowledge needed to take successful wild life photos. Members will also be exposing to the experience of a wild life photographer.

5.2.4 Tour & Visits
Tour and visits to tourism spot of Malaysia such as historical location of lembah bujang and Aformosa will enable members to gain insight of the rich history of Malaysia, at the same time, learning skills that require for photography in different location and condition.

5.3 Photography Convention / Talks
Photography conventions will be a day/week event that members and non–members will understand and experience the life of professional photographers. Many events, such as photo booth, Photography art work display, Camera displays, Motivational/technical talks, Photo taking competitions .etc can be organized. Inspired and curious minds can had their doubt on photography clear off by professional or the experienced.

5.3.1 DSLR Workshop
Professional camera workshop enables DSLR owners and DSLR want-to-be owners to get update in their skills and technique of using a DSLR. Most important, bringing their DSLR gear to a higher level of success.

5.3.2 Photography Workshop
Normal photography workshop is allocated for most of the beginner and armature photographers. The focus of the workshop will be the basis of photography and what they can do to optimize the usage and effect of their current photo gears.

5.3.3 Movie Making Workshop
Exposure to behind the scene of movie making will spark their ideas on concept of making a movie, at the same time, practice what they learn previously from photography.

5.4 Competition
Competition will be open for members, or to all AIMST students, or to all AIMST Lecturers, or to the public. Such competitions will encourage the use of knowledge of photography and enable positive interactions between competitors.

5.4.1 Photography Contest
Competitors submit their genuine photos taken to participate in the competition. Each photography contest is based on the theme selected by the president of the club. The examples of the theme will be Black & White, Silhouette, Landscape, Wildlife, Portrait, Panorama, Sunset, Macro .etc. Students or members can vote for their favorite photo. Winning photos can be published at local newspaper or website. Best photos will be generously rewarded.

5.4.2 Poster Creation Contest
Creation of posters requires graphic design knowledge and creative minds. Theme of posters will be selected by the president.

5.4.3 Short Film Contest
Students can make short film based on the theme given, such as student life, and winning productions will be entitle to represent University level in the international short film competition. Short film creation will test the maturity of filming knowledge, skills and technique in making the story interesting, presentable, at the same time, low cost and easy to make.

5.4.4 Creative Art Contest
Creative art contest is similar to photography contest, but this time emphasis on theme of creativity and imagination. The subject can be anything. This task will test the photographer in how strong they will present a message at the same time attracts the viewer.

5.4.5 Website Designing Contest
Website design contest will test the integrations of their IT knowledge in photo publishing and promoting.

5.4.6 Computer Graphics Contest
Similar to photo editing contest, but the focus will be on skills on photography post processing.

5.5 Others
These other events can be part of the financial drive or promoting events related to photography.

5.5.1 Photo Booth
Students can practice their professional portrait photo skills in the campus, using AIMST University Campus as their background. At the same time of promoting AIMST Photography Club, we can promote the feeling of being proud to be in AIMST.

5.5.2 Style & Fashion
Style & Fashion show is similar to cultural show, that emphasis on on-stage creativity. This will enable students to be exposed to modern fashion world, and the technique to fast grab a photographic opportunity that spurs out spontaneously.

5.5.3 Cosplay
Cosplay or known as Costume Play is well-known for students dressing up like their favorite animation character and competes each other to see how similarity they will be if compare to the original character in the animation.

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