Aimst University Clinical Skills Centre – Milestones

Aimst University Clinical Skills Centre – Milestones

April 2004
– Planning of the Clinical Skills Laboratory (CSL) was initiated by Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Ampikaipakan

May 2005
– Final decision taken by Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Ampikaipakan to establish it at Amanjaya campus in consultation with the VC. Dean. Prof K.R. Sethuraman and other staff members

April 2006
– Initial setup of interium clinical skills training programme at Amanjaya campus
– Prof. K.A. Narayanan, Head of community medicine, was appointed to coordinate the Medical education unit and Skills laboratory
– A panel of specialists: Dr. Stefan Monk, University of Mainz, Germany; Mrs. Tracey Gray, University of Leicester; Prof. Paul Bradley & Mrs. Pamels Bradley, Peninsular Medical School, Plymouth, UK were invited for advice and training
– Numerous basic and high fidelity mannequins such as Human Patient Simulator and Baby METI simulator were procured

January 2007
– Relocation of the Clinical Skills Laboratory to Medical block, Semeling Campus
– A skill-based system was initially adopted. Preliminary teaching sessions were conducted for the clinical year students
Elements of the New Proposal:
– Change of the name CSL to Clinical Skills Centre
– Introduction of an organ-based system approach augmented with low, high fidelity mannequins and anatomical charts
– Formulation of a clinical skills log book and write-ups on all skills and procedure
– Implementing a “See-one,Do-one” teaching method
– Suggestion of a niche for PG clinical skills training

May 2007
– Delegation sent to USM clinical skills centre to study the physical set up, modular teaching and assessment methods

September 2007
– Appointment of Professor Ernest Teiko Larmie as the Head and coordinator of the clinical skills laboratory
– Submission of a new proposal to revamp the clinical skills laboratory to Mr. Sandrasekaran, Chief Operating Officer

October – December 2007
– Establishment of the clinical skills centre reflecting the elements of the proposal

January 2008
– Incorporation of the clinical skills teaching into the curriculum
– Introduction of the student’s log book and teaching materials
– Training of the first batch of Medical students (Batch 11) in a systematic and structured programme
– First clinical assessment of cognitive and psychomotor skills of OSCE

March 2008
– Training of the first batch of dental students

April 2008
– Purchase of high-end fidelity mannequins

May 2008
– METI hands-on training workshop sponsored by METI/CYBRON for faculty

June 2008
– Implementation of a 20-hour of clinical skills training as suggested by Curriculum Review Board

November 2008
– Second International Human Patient Simulation Network conference/workshop
– Sponsored by METI USA, Cybron, MMA Kedah and AIMST

January 2009
– Recruitment of additional staff. Mr. Krishnan was transferred to CSC
– Enchancement of undergraduate teaching programme with audio-visual aids, human simulators and role play into the training of students. Sister Elizabeth and Dr. Sawinya were appointed

March 2009
– Introduction of high fidelity mannequins into undergraduate clinical skills training programme
– AIMST was designated as “Educator Innovator 2009” for its use of advanced high-end METI mannequins for undergraduate student training by METI, USA

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