Journey of Faculty of Dentistry (FOD) at AIMST

The Faculty of Dentistry (FOD) began its journey in the year 2005 from the interim campus of AIMST University, with the pride of being the first dental school instigated by a private university in Malaysia. The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree program was established by Professor Dr. Frederick Charles Smales, who was also the founder Dean. The curriculum for the BDS program was designed by Professor Dr. Margaret B. Comfort and was implemented with the first intake of 40 students in August 2005. Subsequently, the students’ intake increased every year and reached 75 per intake in the year 2008.


The staff strength was simultaneously increased as per the needs. Successively, the faculty acquired the state of the art infrastructure for dental equipments and well-designed dental laboratories at the new green ultra-modern campus in Semeling. Thus far, FOD has produced about 320 qualified dental professionals. In 2015, MQA approved the application to start the Bachelor of Dental Technology (BDT) degree program which is the first ever degree program in Dental Technology introduced in Malaysia. Currently, FOD offers two degree programs; BDS and BDT.

The AIMST Dental Care Centre was officially inaugurated on November 3, 2008 and Datuk. Dr. Rohani Ramili was appointed as the Director of the Dental Care Centre. Currently it has developed into a full-fledged Dental hospital with a Reception & Primary Care unit, 2 polyclinics, 3 specialty clinics and a Radiology Unit. The AIMST Dental Care provides a full range of free dental treatment for all the patients attending the clinic. Though challenging, the establishment and continuation of AIMST Dental Care Centre has proved to be a stimulating and rewarding exercise. The total number of patients registered has crossed over 25,000 and AIMST Dental Care Centre will proudly continue to provide high quality dental treatment with the vision of serving the community.

The progress of the faculty and dental care centre is narrated in the chronological order as follows:

  • 2007 — AIMST Dental Students’ Association (ADSA) was established.
  • 2008 — Faculty of Dentistry was shifted from interim campus to the new campus in Semeling.
  • 2008 — AIMST Dental Care Centre officially inaugurated.
  • 2008 — Treatment of adult patients by dental students commenced in the AIMST, Dental Care Centre.
  • 2009 — The Dental school attained faculty status.
  • 2009 — Opening of the Oral Surgery, Paediatric Dentistry & Orthodontic Clinics in the Dental Care Centre for patient care and clinical teaching.
  • 2010 — First full accreditation visit by MQA.
  • 2010 — Conferment of degree to first cohort of BDS graduates.
  • 2010 — Full accreditation awarded by MQA for the BDS degree program for 3 years (2010- 2013).
  • 2010 — The first cohort of BDS graduates joined the Oral Health Division of MOH as dental officers.
  • 2011 — AIMST Dental Students Association successfully conducted 1st Oral Health Awareness Campaign.
  • 2011 — Faculty of Dentistry organized Intervarsity Sport Event with participation from three Universities.
  • 2012 — Final Year Dental students obtained ‘The Young Travel Award’ for their poster presentation at the International Association of Dental Research conference in Kuala Lumpur.
  • 2014 — Faculty of Dentistry organized Intervarsity Sport Event with participation from 11 Universities and also won the overall championship.
  • 2014 — The 6th National Dental Students Scientific Conference (NDSSC) was organized by FOD and was attended by eleven dental schools in Malaysia.
  • 2015 — Faculty of Dentistry was awarded provisional accreditation for Bachelor of Dental Technology program by MQA.
  • 2015 — First cohort of students joined BDT programme.
  • 2016 — Total number of registered & treated patients at AIMST Dental Care Centre has crossed 25,000.
  • 2016 — Faculty of Dentistry students emerged as Champions in National Dental Intervarsity Sports Carnival, 2016.
  • 2016 — Faculty of Dentistry student secured Championship in Intervarsity Prosthodontic Competition “Bridging the Gap”.

Contributed by: Dr. Ramesh Kumaresan, AIMST University, Malaysia.dr-ramesh-kumaresan
Source: AIMST E-Bulletin Volume II Issue II (July 2016)

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