Journey of Faculty of Applied Sciences at AIMST University

The Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) was established in 2002 in the interim campus of the AIMST University (AIMST). Under FAS, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and Department of Material Science were established by Professor Helen Nair, the then Dean of FAS. In 2004, IPS approved the application of AIMST to start its MSc Biotechnology (by research) as the first postgraduate degree programme.


Currently, FAS under its DBT offers three-year degree programme, BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology, Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biotechnology (In research). FAS is one of the most vibrant faculties in AIMST. Undoubtedly, FAS is the most successful faculty in attracting extramural research funding from various government and non-government funding agencies.

As of October 2015, about 600 biotechnologists has been produced by FAS. It is obvious that FAS has made tremendous progress in a short time and do have several successful stories to tell.

However, only some selected facts, achievements and/or developments are narrated in the chronological order:

  • 2006 – The 1st batch of students from ‘BSc Biotechnology’ programme successfully completed their degree programme.
  • 2007 – FAS was shifted from interim campus to the new, ultra-modern green campus in
  • 2008 – Prof. Dr. M. Ravichandran was appointed as Dean, FAS.
  • 2011 – FAS was the first to receive a total of RM 139,000.00 from the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro based industry (MOA), Malaysia.
  • 2011 – FAS was the first faculty among private universities in Malaysia to adapt and adopt the Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Special Training (BeST) for its ‘BSc (Hons) programme, under the purview of the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (BiotechCorp), the highest Biotechnology body in Malaysia.
  • 2012 – FAS was granted RM 103,000.00 from MOHE and RM 265,000.00 from MOSTI.
  • 2012 – FAS became the recipient of thirteen grants from the Ministry of Agriculture, MoHE, MOSTI and UBS Optimus Foundation with a total grant of RM 1, 514,859.00.
  • 2013 – FAS received six FRGS research grants amounting RM 783,775.00
  • 2014 – FAS received full accreditation for its PhD in Biotechnology programme and conferred first two PhD in Biotechnology at the seventh convocation ceremony of AIMST University.
  • 2014 – Prof. Dr. M. Ravichandran, Dean for FAS was handpicked and appointed as the Acting Chief Executive and Vice-Chancellor to lead the AIMST University.
  • 2014 – Dr. S. Kathiresan from FAS was chosen and appointed as the acting Registrar of the AIMST University.
  • 2014 – Professor Dr. M. Ravichandran was promoted as Senior Professor and took over full responsibility as Chief Executive and Vice-Chancellor of the AIMST University.
  • 2015 – FAS initiated collaboration with Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
  • 2015 – Dr. Lee Su Yin was appointed as Deputy Dean, FAS.
  • 2016 – FAS is organizing the ‘3rd Regional Conference on Biosensors, Biodiagnostics, Biochips and Biotechnology 2016’.

Contributed by: Dr. Subhash J Bhore , AIMST University, Malaysia.
Source: AIMST E-Bulletin Volume II Issue I (April 2016)

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