Advertising on AIMST Campus

Please take note to ensure stability and uniformity, it is suggested that the size of the banner be approximately L 14.4 x W 4.0 and all these frames in campus are the same. Please follow the suggested sizes accordingly.

Any proposal by the students within the AIMST University for the Erection of a banner will be subject to the following:

  1. Approval to erect such a banner and the terms under which it is erected will be determined by the Studennts Affairs Division, Registrar on a case-by-case basis.
  2. No approval will be given for banner suspended on the Medical building, Dental building, Library building and Admin building, where such an action would in any way damage the building fabric or raise the possibility of such damage.
  3. Any approval to place a banner will be given for a shorter rather than a longer peroid.
  4. They are placed for a specific period of time and removed as soon as particular event is concluded.

Note: All cost associated with the design, construction and erection of either permanent or temporary signs are at the responsibility of the applicant. If not follows that the University’s official frame banner are reserved for its use and that any offending that are placed there will be removed without notice.


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