Oral Health Awareness Campaign 2016


Oral health is omnipresent in our lives, in every simple daily activity: when we smile, talk, eat or sing. This is the reason that Aimst Oral Health Awareness Campaign exists, to remind us of the importance of oral health and how it directly affects so many things we do and enjoy in our daily lives. On the 26th to 28th of February 2016, we are delighted to present to you our annual Oral Health Awareness Campaign at the main concourse area of Amanjaya Mall and we will have the opportunity to raise awareness and encourage individuals, families, health associations, communities and institutions to take action to reduce all forms of oral diseases.
OHAC was held in Amanjaya Mall on 26th to 28th february 2016. We have this event every year and we are glad to serve the community continuously. We would like to thank all our sponsors, which we couldn,t ennumerate one by one over here, but whom we are deeply indebted to; the Faculty of Dentistry in AIMST University, especially the lecturers who guided us throughout the planning of the event; and also the community in Sungai Petani who had showered us with tremendous support.

We will come back again, hopefully stronger and bigger! See you in 2017!

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