Anti-drug Abuse Awareness Campaign ADAAC 2013



Anti-drug Abuse Awareness Campaign ADAAC 2013
“Get HIGH on life, kiss drugs goodbye”
Organized by AIMST University
Venue : Medical building, AIMST University
Date : 27th April 2013
Time : 8.00am – 7.00pm

Our aim towards =>

  1. To increase level of education and awareness among the teenage students concerning the impact to the community from the increase use and abuse to prescription and illicit drugs.
  2. To promote zero tolerance policies for the teenage students regarding the use of illegal drugs, within the family, school, workplace and community.
  3. To support parents and school teachers in encouraging teenage students to engage in positive, healthy lifestyles and be role model behavior to be emulated by young people.
  4. To pursue a vigorous advertising and public communications program dealing with the dangers of illegal drugs.

The most highlighting part is Radhi OAG @ singer @ADDC ambassador wil be our honorable VIP of this event

Photo by Wynn Ooi Yean Wen.
Source: Anti-drug Abuse Awareness Campaign ADAAC 2013

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