CME activities 2011

HPV CME was sponsored by Glaxo and hosted by AIMST on 27th May 2011. Prof.K.R.Sethuraman, Dr.Rajesh, Prof.S.Dattagupta and Prof.Riptinder Singh were the speakers.This CME was accredited 3 points by MMA Kedah.This was held in the great hall and was attended by 500 plus registrants.

The TB symposium on 25.11.2011 was attended by more than 600 registrants, including 30 students from University Malaya, University Sains Malaysia and Melaka Manipal. The FOMAP activity was organized by Dr.Rajesh, Dr.Bharathi Dr.Jaikumar Velayudham and by ever enthusiastic and dedicated MEDSA.
The symposium was sponsored by Meditech Advance (RM 1500), SMMAMS (RM 2000) and BP health care (RM 800).Speakers included Prof.K.R.Sethuraman, Dr.Leela Anthony Joe, Dr.K.K.Perumal, Dr.Philomena, Prof.Ravichandran, Dr.P.K.Rajesh, Dr.Sudagar (Alor star hospital) and Dr.Christina from Faculty of Pharmacy.
Students were encouraged to submit posters and this served as a pre-symposium activity.
5 of the student posters were awarded prizes.
The conference was chaired by Dato Dr.George Kutty Simon and used dual live feed to and fro from Lecture theatres 1,2 and 3.

Valene Tang, YeanWen Ooi and Winnie Lai from MBBS batch 16 were the first prize winners in the poster competion for both the HPV and TB CME’s.

Source: AIMST University Faculty of Medicine Newsletter Volume 3 (March 2011 – Dec 2011)

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