Free WI FI spot in Aimst University

Good News to all AIMST University Students !!!

AUSC 2011/12 Would proudly like to inform about the availability of the Wireless Internet Connection at the Cafe, Student Gallery, Student Centre and Library (1st Floor). Installation and configuration has already been done and it is now ready to use. We (student council) have already done our part, and it is now for the students to use it wisely.

The network name and password are as below …

1) Network name: STUDENT CENTRE WIFI
Security Key: StudentAimst1

2) Network name: STUDENT CENTRE WIFI1
Security Key: StudentAimst2

3) Network name: STUDENT CENTRE WIFI2
Security Key: StudentAimst3

4) Network name: STUDENT CENTRE WIFI3
Security Key: StudentAimst4

Thank you.

AUSC 2011/2012
23rd November 2011

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