A Tour Around Aimst During Aimst 4th Convocation 2011

A Tour Around AIMST University During The Aimst 4th Convocation 2011 (8th – 9th October 2011)
Photos taken by RIG in the photography outings with friend during the eve of Aimst 4th Convocation 2011.
Below is some of the HDR images taken and edited with Photomatix Pro, a software that combine multiple exposure of the image and create a High Dynamic Range image.

A HDR image of AIMST University showing dynamic clouds and beautiful lights in the evening.

Another View of the Administration building.

A image with less HDR intensity.

The AIMST University Administration Building view from the front.

Dynamic clouds formation as viewed from the AIMST University Medical Faculty.

The AIMST University Library building.

Another HDR view of the AIMST University Library building.

Other Photos can be view from the Photo Gallery Below.

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