The Green Operation 2.0


Date : 1 & 2 April 2011
Venue : AIMST University Students’ Residence

Objective :

  1. To create awareness among students in AIMST about the importance of recycling.
  2. To help the May Batch Foundation Students who will be leaving AIMST on finding a more proper way to dispose their unwanted things away.
  3. To raise fund for the club account.
  4. To create closer bonds among members who have participated.

the-green-operation-2-pic-2The Green Operation 2.0 conducted by the club when the April Batch 2010/11 Foundation in Science students leave the university upon completion of their course was a successful project. Thus, the club has came out with a similar project for the May batch students who will be leaving the university as well.

The project was again carried out for two days to ensure that the yield from the project can help to enrich the club’s Project fund. We are thankful that the Tzu Chi Foundation has joined us for the project this time.

the-green-operation-2-pic-3Each of us went up the each different blocks to check if any of the recyclable items were left outside of the students’ door for collection. Besides that, some of the us were also stationed at the lobby to be responsible in sorting out the recyclable items according to categories such as aluminium, bottles,
papers and so on. After sorting the items collected, the items were carried to the Orientation Hall for storage.

The same effort was done on the second day as well. Although exhausted, many members said they enjoyed the process as they know that they are actually doing something for the environment. In the same time, stronger fellowship was build up among them. The items collected were sold on the next Monday when the gate pass from the university was issued to allow the collectors to enter the university and bring out all these items.

From this project, we have seen that the awareness of the hosteller’s about the importance of awareness has been increased. This will definitely help us further in our upcoming recycling projects.


Remark from Organizing Chairperson :
The project has been carried out quite successfully but again it will be much better if more members can participate in this project. Overall, I feel that more of this kind of project can be carried out because it brings out the real meaning of ‘living green’.

Reported by,
Leo WeeChee Tan

The Green Project 2.0 :

Organizing Chairperson:
Leo ChuHan Chew

Assistant Organizing Chairperson:
Leo TzeCheng Wong

Leo WeeChee Tan

Leo ShooYang Chor

“I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.”
-Mother Teresa

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