Moment of Silence for Japan 2011

A joint project with MedSA ( Aimst Faculty of Medicine ). The main aim is to show our concern to the Japan citizens who have sacrificed during the disaster. Many people wanted to help them but they have no idea what they can do for them. Thus, this is the golden chance for them to be involved by praying the best for the Japan citizens. We would like all of you to take part and show your love !

Date: 13th April 2011
Time: 8-9 pm
Venue: In front of study area
Let’s do our small part for the Japanese victims of tsunami by praying for them.


Objectives :
1) To show the Leo club’s support for the people of Japan.
2) To enlighten the participants about the issue faced by the people in Japan.
3) As a form of encouragement for the people of Japan.

On the 13th of April this year, the members of Leo club have collaborated with MEDSA from AIMST University to show an understanding about the issue faced by the people of Japan currently. Through this event, the students showed their encouragement for the survivors and offered their prayers and respect for the lives that have been sacrificed in the catastrophe.

The committee members of the event began with the arrangement of the candles on the floor. The arrangement was made in such a way that it spelled ‘PRAY 4 JAPAN’ including the flag of Japan as the outline. After the crowds have gathered in front of the study area, the candles were lighted up bringing a beautiful work piece to life. Around 200 people turned up for the event including the staff and lecturers of AIMST University to show their support.

The crowds were participated in a short parade from study area to the admin building. During the 10 minutes parade, everyone kept silence as a sign of respect. After reaching the admin building, Dinesh Kumar gave a brief speech mentioning about the people in Japan and encourage the crowds to show concern and respect. 2 minutes of moment of silence was observed among the crowds to offer their prayers and respect. The candles were placed on the floor to form the Japanese flag.

Remark from Organizing Chairperson :
The project has been carried out successfully with the high number of participants despite a long holiday is following immediately after that. The project has bring the students closer and has let them to show their love to those victims who are still suffering in Japan now.

Reported by,
Leo Nasyiha Fatisya

Moment of Silence for Japan :

Organizing Chairperson:
Leo TzeCheng Wong

Assistant Organizing Chairperson:
Leo Kobbiganivaarani

Leo Nasyiha Fatisya

Leo ChuHan Chew

Photographer :
Leo ShooYang Chor

“We’ll always pray for you, Japan. Be strong and may God bless you.”
– Leo Club & MedSA of AIMST University

1) Aimst Omega Leo

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