AIMST Preclinical Medical Quiz 2011 Setup Plan

AIMST Preclinical Medical Quiz 2011 Setup Plan
(Event Photos)

Image: The arrangement of the tables and chairs of the quiz contestant in the great hall. It is aligned V-shaped so that the audience and examiner can have a good view on the contestant. The projector is located in front of the satge, with level below the contestant tables and projected directly to the backdrop. The row of scientific officers sit behind the contestant. The Audio and Video Control center located behind the 1st curtain.

Image: The Wiring Plan for Liveview, Timer System, Marks System and Question Display System. Several Switch and Splitter is used. The all the contestant will only see the questions posted by the Quiz Master, However the projector will show the questions, marks, timer and other animations to the contestant & audience, controlled by a DVI switch at the control center.

Left: We manage to borrow few desktops and LCD screen from IT Department, which save most of the setup cost.
Right: With aid of aimst IT , we manage to get all the wires and socket required for the Event.

Left: Most of the power socket need to be custom assembled so that the all the items can be power up equally without overloading or tripping.
Right: a view from the contestant seats.

Left: The table for the Projector.
Right: The Scientific Officer Rows and Contestant Rows.

Left: First try on the multi-monitor switch system.
Right: Our Audio/Video Control Center.

Left: Row of monitors for contestant to view the questions.
Right: The Actual outcome of the setup.

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