By N. Naga Bharathi Nesan MBBS Batch 15
President MEDSA

AIMST University Medical Students’ Association, known as AMSA before this revived as
MedSA (AIMST University Medical Students’ Association) on 15th November 2010. The reason for the change is because to avoid confusion between Asian Medical Students’ Association which also known as AMSA.

The purpose / aim of MedSA :

  1. To build a very good rapport and strong relationship:
    • Within the students of Faculty of Medicine which approximately consisting of 870
      medical students
    • Between the administration of Faculty Of Medicine with the medical student
    • Between the administration of the University with Faculty of Medicine and the medical
    • Between the housemen/medical officers of Alumni with the Faculty of Medicine and the
      medical students
  2. To serve the medical students both academically (by interaction between senior medical student /
    alumni with the junior medical student) and non-academically (provide exposure on common
    medical ethic issues encountered by housemen and medical officers).
  3. To support and raise the grace of Faculty of Medicine, AIMST University both intravarsity and

Executive council of MEDSA include
Vice-President-Ms.Tham Min MBBS Batch 14
Secreratary-Mr. Jeevakanthi Rajendran MBBS Batch 14
Deputy Secretary-Mr.Faisal Norizan MBBS Batch 15
Treasurer-Ms.Nantni Kumaran MBBS Batch 15
Dept of external affairs-Mr.Naavin Kumar MBBS Batch 15

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