My housemanship experience-so far

My housemanship experience-so far
Dr.Suvintheran, Best outgoing student batch 8, MBBS Honours
Student, University Gold Medal Winner

Many say that houseman ship is a very daunting task. Well, I have to agree with them. It is not easy getting up before the sun is up and going back after it has set. But housemanship is a process which as given the exposure which is necessary for every doctor to be competent and well adapted.

As a houseman I have learnt many things. A lot of this was never and can never be taught in medical school. For instance, the management of acute patients! It also emphasizes on responsibility, accountability and competency.

During our housemanship training, we learn skills which we need to possess as a doctor. Some of these are learnt from our peers, seniors, from specialists, but mostly by trial and error.

Housemanship also teaches us to devote more time to our patients and less time to ourselves. It teaches us to care for patient’s needs with an open heart. A necessary character which is needed during houseman period is teamwork. We learn to care for our patients as a team. This includes consultants, specialists, medical officers, housemen, nurses, attendants and other staff. A good working relationship is necessary to survive this period.

In conclusion I would say despite all the difficulties which this job posses to me, I think that effective housemanship training is necessary for all medical graduates in order to make them a competent and safe doctors.

Suvin, MBBS Batch 8

Source: AIMST University Faculty of Medicine Newsletter Volume 2 (August 2010 – Febuary 2011)

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