Event Photography and Problems Faced in AIMST Events

A Complete Event Photography Starts From Pre-Event Location Studies and Pre-Event Simulation, Event Videography/Audiography/Photography , Post Event Editing and Post Event Marketing.
Pre-Event Keyword: Location, Workforce, Equipments, Laws & Permissions, Lightings, Simulations, Perspectives….
Event Keyword: Communications, Quality, Quantity, Flow, Error & Backup Plans , Switching, Resting, Charging, Stations , Control, ….
Post-Event Keyword: Marketing, Editing, Programes, Speed, Burning, Launching, Distributing, Posters, Promoting….

Problem Faced During the Megacultural Night 2008, Great Hall.
Authority and permission is improperly done, Over Smoking of the stage cause flashed shots become pale and ghostly images forcing photographer to go flash off and facing the motion blur and high ISO problems, Background is too dull and unattractive, Improper Backstage and before the event recording, Performers are not shot closely due to the fire zone that they set to display fire show during performance , improper coordination, lighting other from the stage is dull and dangerous for photographer to walk all around, not enough photographer to cover the sides the center and the top shots, long lens required to zoom the faces, no charge stations and backup stations, need people to cover also the Lobby section for the group photography.

Problem Faced During the Padang Night, Great Hall, 2009.
Lightings not enough, Flash not powerful enough, People uncoordinated , Backstage not covered, Limited access to places like stage or below the stage by photographer, Photographer refuse to give all their photos during the day of event because claims that there are personal photos and this delay the expected post production as all materials are not completed compiled on that day while things are fresh, Photo booth fails to be done perfectly coz people cant get the photo on the spot and there is problem processing the payments and selections, VIP seatings and Photography locations may coexist and cause blocking and butt to the vip situations, Authority and identity of photographers is not well differentiated.

Problem Faced During Merdeka Night 2010, Clock Tower.
Coordination of photographers around the event , Event is not fully covered as most of the shot taken in front the stage
neglecting the Ramadan bazaar behind, Photographer need to stand in front of the stage to take photo which are recorded on video and
blocking the VIP due to standing crowd beside that disallow free movement around, sudden allowing of student to sit in front of the stage limiting the photographer movement across the stage as dangerous fire throwers are situated in front, no shot taken for the parade and auto show, Fireworks is not well taken due to switching of location which cause photographer unable to move from front stage to behind stage, improper lighting cause improper exposure, Pure red light cause improver auto focus, unable to maintain photographer throughout the event that starts from 6pm to 1am as they claim they are tired of running around, Proper uniform needed to distinguish photographers.

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