Hostellers Notice: Coupling Warning in AIMST 2010

Notice of warning to all students.
10th November 2010

It is apparent that the soft approach to solving the “coupling” problem has fallen on deaf ears and a number of couples are defying the authority of the University by still indulging in their nocturnal activities.

As such any couples found to be flaunting moral values within the University Campus no matter of time and place will face the following measure:

1. Immediate expulsion from hostel.

2. Parents of offending couple to be immediately informed.

3. To face the University Discipline Board.

Whilst it is not the intention of the University authorities in general and Security and Students Affairs in particular to act as moral guardians but the general public view has to be given precedence.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ranjit Singh
Head of Department Student Affairs

(Source: Hostellers Notice Board)

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