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Anand Menon, India
Matriculation, 1 year

AIMST provides quality education for all students including the international students. It has good lectures as well as a good management and administration. Being in AIMST has helped me to lead an independent life which helps me to build a better personality. I can see myself having a better prospect in my career as an AIMST student.

Chanella Fernando, Sri Lanka
Medicine, 2004 – 2009

If you’re looking to be at the pinnacle of excitement and challenge, the AIMST is the place to be. AIMST offers a variety of courses, however coming from the School of Medicine I must say that the AIMST Medical Curriculum is excellent! It challenges & excites you every single day! At AIMST you will receive an excellent Foundation not just for your Career but for your life!

Eman Ahmed Adam, Saudi Arabia
Bachelor in Business & Management, 3 Years

The first day I stepped into the gates of the university, I felt it was a magnificent place to spend the next few years of my life! During registration, I managed to meet some of the staff who were quite busy. I saw them smile but I thought they were a little strict as I could not get the room mate that I wanted! Nevertheless, they promised to make some adjustments after a day or two. My Foundation School lecturers were excellent. I really started enjoying my classes and I am learning! Thank God I have some nice friends whom I have discussions with daily and that helps a lot! There is an AIMST International Students Association which helps me to be in touch with the rest of the international students here.

Eman Ahmed Adam, Somalia
Finance and Management, 3 years

Coming to Malaysia is a whole new experience for me, and being at AIMST is one of the best experiences I have ever had. Life at AIMST is pleasant and conducive. The campus offers a unique and comfortable atmosphere, which encourages students and lecturers to interact freely. The great thing about AIMST is that, as a student, you are not restricted to one particular area of study. This is because AIMST offers a wide range of quality courses. It creates the opportunity for students to attain excellent education.

Being an international student at AIMST, it is fascinating to see how people from different background and culture are lined together in a peaceful and harmonious environment. Indeed, I have certainly made the SMARTEST choice!

Farisha, Singapore
MBBS, 5 Years

My first impression of AIMST when I walked in was, “ Waah! This place is really nice and new!” Registration Day was crowded, noisy and some people were disgruntled but not everyone can be satisfied! The people in charge were friendly, smiling and helpful. Well, that day I did not really feel homesick! My worries of horrifying roommates were really unnecessary. I got a room for three with roommates of different race and religions but we got along well.

It was as if we had known each other for years and not just hours! They were friendly, helpful and caring. The hostel was beyond my expectations- it were clean, spacious and comfortable. The seniors were friendly and helpful too. I am starting to love being here at AIMST with a new environment and new friends. This is a new beginning for me and I am looking forward to a great future.

Hussein Kassamjee, Kenya
Foundation, 3 years

I come from the scenic country of Kenya. My experience from the moment I landed at KLIA until I reached AIMST, which is located in Sungai Petani has been just awesome. The warm welcome I received on arrival at AIMST was enough to convince my conscience that I made the right choice. My educational experiences have been very exciting. The friendly nature of the locals here just makes the whole experience more enjoyable. So if you are looking for a multicultural and memorable experience, then AIMST is the venue.

M. Branavan, Sri Lanka
B.Sc. (Hons) Biotechnology, 3 years

Malaysia is a peaceful and beautiful country. This country provides a good environment to study, and offers opportunity to choose my career. AIMST offered the chance for me to start my career in Biotechnology. I find that this is the right place to start my career. Pleasant people, the library and study area provides the ideal study environment. Hostels are furnished according to student’s requirement. AIMST provides all the facilities with very low fees. Unique study programme prepares me well to face the cutting edge nature of biotech today.

Rajiv Vijaykant Patel, United Kingdom
MBBS, 5 years

Malaysia is an exciting, vibrant, diverse and friendly place.
Any reservation I had about studying here immediately vanished once I arrived and met the people here. I was helped throughout everything until I had my feet on the ground, after which I was allowed to be independent. I study with amazingly bright, funny and kind Malaysian students. I can honestly say I have no regrets about choosing AIMST.

Usman Aslam, Pakistan
B.Sc. (Hons) Biotechnology, 3 years

As far as quality of education is concern ‘ AIMST ‘ is the best place for me to be a future biotechnologist but the very best thing is only education is not enough you also need to learn leadership qualities , characterized building and a better way to live in life as a better personality which you get in AIMST. As an International Student in Malaysia AIMST is my home and AIMST is my family.

Yasser Gendoo, Mauritius
Foundation, 1 year (2006 – 2007)

Malaysia is a peaceful and beautiful country which makes it ideal for studying. The time I spent here in AIMST has been full of memorable experiences, thanks to AIMST’s friendly community along with quality education and high teaching standards.

Despite being a foreign student, I feel comfortable studying here and look forward to many more great and memorable experiences.


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