AIMST Administration Building 2010 – Night Before 3rd Convocation

The AIMST University Administration Building in year 2010
On the Night Before the 3rd Aimst Convocation
Date: 15th October 2010.
Photos taken by RIG.

It is the eve before the great event, the blue lights were on, and the white canopy tent were ready … it is a memorable event that not to be miss. We head out with our tripods and set our cameras to long exposure of 15 seconds.

A view of Admin building From a distance.

Closer up view of the building.

Over the lawn and the beautiful garden lights.

Over the pond, the water create a mirror reflection of the administrative building.

The canopy is where the booths will be on display on the actual day.

The chairs are in line, arranged for the visitors and parents.

The glass windows were glossy shine, the is where they will hold the press.

The nicely lit indoor park of the administration building.

In long exposure, the lights looks like star lights.

Welcome to the Administration building and the Great Hall of AIMST University.

Front view. The canopy where VVIP will park their cars.

The Iconic conical glass structure at the center of the building.

The blue and the yellow lights give the sun shade a nice outline.

Another view.

Another view of the building.

A view from another pond.

Sadly this time the fountain was not on.

Thanks for visiting the AIMST University Administration Building.

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