Decorate Your Hostels – A Home Concept

It is important to keep your hostels clean and tidy, because it will affect others impression on you, affect the mood to keep along with your fellow housemates, affect the motivation to stay and study well, and also not to forget , you will be staying at the same unit for months and years. However it is hard to say than done, some of the roommates and housemates are unwillingly to get along or just too lazy to be involved. Unwashed Plates, Smelly shoes, Unwash clothes, Notes, books, etc will be left over all around the corner. Despite the fact that many had shifting from room to room due to disgusted attitude of their roommates, sometimes someone in the house must brave enough to take the lead. Certain units have adapted a schedule for which members of the unit is assigned with a chores to taken care of, like cleaning and tidying, everyday. Some have adapted a method of low profile by not to clutter own items (e.g. water boiler, books …) in common areas (Living room and toilets) so that it looks empty but clean. Others prefer to redecorate the unit.

Hostel Unit – “F3M” – is the winner of Best Hostel Award in year 2010 in the Aimst inaugural Hosteller’s Night 2010. It adopted a concept of “Home” in a hostel environment. In a Home, there is element of culture, living in , study/work, relaxing and space. To integrate it into a hostel with multi-cultural environment, sometimes have difficult choices to make in balancing out the elements.

In F3M, space is achieve by choices of colors and arrangement of items. Warm white lights is chosen to prevent overcasting of dark and grey shadows and over enhancing highlights like white lights do. Furthermore it had a calming effect that relax your mind and had a good harmony with wooden book shelf and dark red sofa. It meet the purpose living room as to relax and chat. F3M also adopt a home library concept where books are put on array of book shelf in the living room where members of the unit can share books and read easily. It reduce the burden of one people buying so many books, and it enhance studying. Further relaxation is incorporated into a room where a theme of “Disco Room” is adopted. It is known that color lights do affect the mood and emotion of a person, as evidence by photo-therapy where different colors can relax your mind and relief you from stress. Furthermore it save the cost and risk of going to disco lounge for a boost of lighting fantasy.

Below is some of the photos taken at F3M in year 2010.

” F3M – Your Home ”

The Living Room.

The Christmas and Chinese New Year Decoration Combo.

The “Disco Room”.

The simple toilet decor and the common book shelf.

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