Keeping The Peace – How To Get Along With Your Roommate

How To Get Along With Your Roommate

1. SMILE – Show some warmth and friendliness to your roommate.
2. USE HUMOR – Good way to break tension; make points in a non-threatening manner.
3. BE RESPECTFUL – Don’t criticize your roommate’s tastes or opinions; you both are individuals and should be treated with respect.
4. BE UNDERSTANDING – Your roommate is a human being; spats between both of you may occur, but work through the problems, understanding the reasons.
5. BE A FRIEND – include your roommate in activities, or at least give an invitation.
6. BE OPEN-MINDED – differences are good thing; they make people unique and interesting to get to know on a deeper level; try to get to know your roommate.
7. BE HONEST – If you break something, throw an important paper away, just say so; don’t lie.
9. TAKE PHONE MESSAGES SERIOUSLY – always write down messages for your roommate and leave it where it can be seen; you would want your roommate to do the same.
10. ALWAYS COMMUNICATE – If something bothers you, just say so, and say it nicely; good communication is the key to having a great roommate relationship.
11. GIVE AND TAKE – Often roommates share common items; if you share, always resupply.
12. ALWAYS ASK FIRST – Again, it is always better to ask to borrow your roommate’s things, even if told it was okay to use them; then there is no miscommunication happening.
13. DON’T BE A KNOW IT ALL – Sometimes it’s okay to lose; don’t try to win every argument, disagreement, or checkers game; sometimes it’s best to just let some things go.
14. DON’T TAKE SIDES – When your roommate gets in a fight with his/her best friend, parents, or whomever, don’t take sides; try to stay neutral, since the angry feelings may not last.
15. NOTHING ILLEGAL IN YOUR ROOM – having or doing something illegal in your room, without your roommate’s knowledge , puts BOTH of you in risk of getting in trouble; avoid it!
16. PAY YOUR BILLS – If you are going to share the phone, cable, or newspapers, put both names on the bill so that both of you are responsible if bill doesn’t get paid; money issues can sour a good roommate relationship fast !
17. CULTIVATE OTHER FRIENDSHIPS – Don’t rely on your roommate to be your sole source of social activity; develop a wider social network through involvement in sports or clubs.
18. A ROOMMATE FROM HELL – It happens; we all have different personalities and beliefs, and because of this you may not be able to live together.
If you find that your roommate is harassing you, stealing from you, or becoming violent, get out! Report the problem to your RA or RC.

Adapted from “Keeping The Peace” pasted on AIMST Hostel Notice Board on Febuary 2009.

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