The Logo of AIMST University

The Aimst Official Logo for Aimst Official Website.

  • The graphic representation of the atom depicts the importance of the underpinnings of science in modern education and research
  • The orbiting motion symbolises dynamism and the ubiquity of change and of discoveries that characterise the fields of medicine, science and technology
  • The emerald colour reflects the corporate image of the University and portrays its modern and clean professional identity
  • The central nucleus in red symbolises the bold and energetic corporate structure of the University and the strong foundation for its dynamic existence

The Aimst Vectorized Logo
From Here a download-able Illustrator version of Aimst Logo for bigger printouts.

The Aimst Logo that usually used in clubs & Associations blogs and personal Blogs.

It appears lighter in colour than the original ones.

The Aimst Logo Dark Green Edition

The Aimst Logo that i redrawn using macromedia flash in year 2005. It is a darker green edition that i used from assignments, projects and website.

With shadow behind the logo.

The Aimst Logo in Myaimst Project

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