AIMST University Swimming Pool Rules & Regulations


  • All Swimmer / bathers MUST wear a swimming cap (including INFANTS and CHILDREN).
  • NO bikinis / 2 piece swim suits (Ladies and children above 7 years).
  • UNDERGARMENTS are not allowed with your swimming attire on.
  • Boxer shorts / other shorts, t-shirts and slacks are NOT permitted in the pool.
  • Foam boards / foam based swimming aids are NOT allowed in the pool (only sponge like and plastic boards permitted).
  • NO clothes, towels, bags / other personal artifacts to be placed on the pool deck.
  • NO shoes / slippers / other footwear permitted on the pool deck.
  • NO fins and snorkeling equipment allowed.
  • NO plunging / driving into the pool.
  • NO food and drinks on the pool deck.
  • Only arm floats, chest floats and plain ring floats are allowed. Sharp and hard object are not permitted in the pool, (such as training paddles).
  • SHOWER before entering the pool.
  • Soap and other substances that might affect pool quality are NOT allowed.
  • Do NOT run / chase each other on the pool deck.
  • In case of accidents, however minor, please inform the Life Guard on duty or pool attendants.
  • Sponge – like boards provided by the pool are reserved SOLELY for use by authorized swimming instructor only.
  • The Life Guard on duty / the pool attendants reserve the right to refuse entry to any guest / unauthorized guest or to request guest to leave the pool premises for misconduct / inappropriate attire / do not posses required or valid documents.
  • AIMST UNIVERSITY and the pool authorities will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings.

Source: Aimst University Swimming Pool Rules & Regulations Plate

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