ABA Vision, Mission, Goals, Contact Details

Vision, Mission, Goals, Contact Details

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Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate the development of Badminton and uplift the performance level of players to make it a major sport in the campus that contribute towards University building and development by reaching out to all members or players in its pursuit of glory for the association and university.

Our Mission

1. To have a team of good players

2. To achieve success in the university and intervarsity arena

3. To provide knowledge about the sport of Badminton

4. To schedule a practice for players to achieve high performance

5. To have better connection with other badminton associations, organizations and clubs

6. To generate more interactions between or within students or members of different courses and staff of university in the sport of Badminton

Our Goals

1. To create a well-balanced individual with physical, emotional and mental fitness and to enhance the individual’s quality of life with a healthy life style.

2. To integrate students of all courses or programmes of study and to foster the unity and fellowship among the students and members of same common interest.

3. To enhance one’s knowledge in their respective areas of interest and to cultivate the personal development and scholarship standard in the sport of badminton.

4. To instil leadership skills in organizing the activities, to develop future leaders, to promote high standards of leadership character and to strive for the spirit of sportsmanship.

5. To promote the game and the sport of badminton by organizing the practice or training and the tournaments.

6. To cooperate and interact with other badminton association, organizations, clubs and players at the regional level.

Contact Details


AIMST Badminton Association
AIMST University,
Batu 3 ½, Bukit Air Nasi,
Jalan Bedong-Semeling,
08100 Bedong,

Telephone Number / Fax


Email / Webpage

[email protected]


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