Aimst University Macromedia Flash Design

It was long time ago when the web design team start to venture into flash designing. It was quite hard at first, but ends up quite well.

Flash animations basics started with a vectorized concept drawing, which make up components that build up the final image. Ideas of the component or object can be pure imagination, or based on real objects. The outline of the object is drawn with lines that forms the vector of object. To the computer, it appears as coordinated points that are interlinked, but for our eyes, it appears as shapes and outlines.

Flash animations playback, is like old film playback on a movie theater. 1 seconds of movie clip can be break down into sequence of static image frame. The film that playback at 24 frames per seconds will had 24 images that had minor difference that make up the motion. By using the same concept, a flash animation can be done by manipulating minor difference between each frame, keeping in mind that where a motion should starts and where it should end.

Flash animations differ from movie film, as it had more control with individual movie looping. For example there is two blinking lights, one at 2 blinks per second, and one at 5 blinks per seconds. To make a film movie with perfect synchronization , you need to create 2 seconds of looping movie which the two lights will be in synchronize. However in flash , each component can be run separately, as long as you set how long the time interval each light should blink, the maths can do the rest.

Below is one of our creation. The neon signboard of Aimst University .

Furthermore, many component of graphics can be integrated in one file. Making interactive images that hyperlink with each other. For example below is the Aimst University Map that was created on 2008. On the first screen, click enter to go to and play the overall map. Then click on the buildings to load description of the buildings and zoom in to map.

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