AIMST! Here I am!!

It weren’t my parents who decided that I should come toAIMST University! It was my choice! The first day I stepped into the gates of the University, I felt it was a magnificient place to spend the next few years of my life!

During registration, I managed to meet some of the staff who were quite busy. I saw them smile but I thought they were a little strict as I could not get the room mate that I wanted! Nevertheless, they promised me that to make some adjustments after a day or two. Most of the students were quiet during the Orientation Programme held for about 3 days. But we made friends. I didn’t like the attitude of some who seemed arrogant and were trying to show off! But afterall, we have our own group of friends who can “click” well with other, right?

Food? I thought it was okay! Spicy Malaysian food! But we got some “chinese” food as well! Some soup, vegetables and chicken. I hoped the menu would be interesting each day otherwise I could die of self-starvation!

Four to a room is a cram! But having understanding friends is so important. I thank my nice room mates who make sure they are a studious lot and don’t make much noise!

My Foundation School lecturers were excellent. I really started enjoying my classes except for the assignments! But I am learning! Thank God, I have some nice friends who discuss daily with me and that helps a lot!

I am glad that at least the Sports Center is open everyday. So, in the evenings I get to play badminton, my favourite game! My friends join me in the game. Well, what do I do in the evenings? Hopefully, I get to watch some programmes on ASTRO in our hostel!

What do I want finally? Just to achieve what I came here for! I must get into Medicine!!!

~ Julia – July Batch Foundation Programme ~


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