AIMST University Introduction 2007

This is the first Introduction Video of AIMST University Semeling Campus.

Adapted from the narration in the video:

Malaysia, a nation that at recent time had developed beyond own expectations. With a keen eyes anchored on the horizon, Malaysia’s leaders look into the future and prepare its people for a new age. One not no longer places premium on goods, but rather on the exchange of knowledge and information.

Crucial to developing a workforce for the K-economy, are learning centers and universities that is well recognised and embraced its new way, and consiquently mordern curricular and faculty around the needs of the K-economy. The first such institute to rise up to this challenge is the Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and technology, or AIMST. Malaysia’s first university build from the ground up for the K-economy.

AIMST offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate cources through its faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, Business & Science and Engineering & Information Technology. Lead by some of the best academics both regionally and globally, together with an international advisory panel, comprising distinguish scholars and educationalist and industry peers.AIMST is hoist to become a leading University thanks to curricular deeply rooted in research and development in areas of real world comercial need.

Spured of a mind of early sucessor, AIMST is setting its site on a brand new permenent campus in Semeling, in Malaysia northern state of Kedah.Nested between the foothills bodering the picturest Gunung Jerai National Park.The 230 acres self contained AIMST campus, is itself a very manifestation of the founders hopes and aspirations, and its clearly a declaration of intend beyond questioned.The circular form of the university campus stands for the ever turning of the wheel of progress, a symbol of our very own self determinations to weed our own destiny.

Greeting visitors to the campus is the Administrative building and great hall.Besides providing ample space for administrative offices, the great hall will become the cultural center of the AIMST campus, where students will attend international exhibits, seminars and gallery presentations.

As the core of research and learning, the Library forms the center of the architectural plan.
One student enjoy the sence of openess and transparency, the fully equiped Library maintain a calm quiet atmosphere and is the fitting advantage point and ultimate comming grounds for students from all faculty to come together in the quest for knowledge and understanding.
Extending outwards on various exits are the faculty buildings.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences provides the world class flagship undergraduate degree programe in Medicine to meet the region and the country growing healthcare needs. Modeled on the University of Bristol curriculum,the programe takes advantage of computer system learning and tele medicine to meet the challenges of fast changing practises in medical education worldwide.

The Faculty of Bussiness and Sciences promote multidisiplinary programes in the area of bussiness studies, biotechnology and meterial sciences. Additional cources are infused in the endless innovation and technopruenership, designed to enhance the marketibilty of any research that is undertaken at the campus.

The Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology houses the department of several mechanical and electrical engineering as well as the department of Information Technology.Ongoing research in wide range of specialist field will be carry out through the faculty extensive engineering and research labs.

In addition to the three main faculties, AIMST also provides the foundation programe through its Center for Matriculation & Foundation Studies.The one year programe provides the mode of entry into the medical as well as other degree plans offered.

One of the faculty buildings provided the state of the art facilities within its sophiscated physical environment, the life of the campus is undoubtfully laying to the way academic, utilatarian and recreational spaces related to one another to encourage student to learn, interact and relax in the self contained environment.

The student center by its very connection to the library and the center of the campus will be the focal point of all extra curricular activities through range of clubs and student organisations.

Sharp minds drawing the physical as well as the mental abilities, a state of the art swimming facility compliments the indoor as well as outdoor stadium to make out this cutting edge sports complex.

Student & Faculty housing are set back at the mist of the refreshing greenery offered by the national park, and for accomodation in such pleasing environment will help residents recharge daily throughout their educational facings.

As AIMST raises up agressively on its 230 ecre site, the opening of its brand new totally self contained campus will signal the arrival of the new era in thirtary educations.The Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology is leading both the nation and the region to a
new kind of education where independence and critical thinking are not only encourage but denominated by the world class faculty and curricular.

Its time to enroll, its time for the Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology.
AIMST, developing knowledge for tomorrow’s leaders.

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