AIMST Valentine’s Party 2008

AIMST Valentine’s Party was celebrated on February 14, 2008 in the Student Center (Gallery). This event was organized and put together by AISS (AIMST INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SOCIETY). This event was catered for students to promote the spirit of love and create an atmosphere of cohesiveness. The party started at 8:30pm and ended at 10:30pm prompt. The dress code for the evening was formal and most of the students were dressed for the occasion.

The party commenced by the introduction of the two MC’s Shah Khairul Kabir (Engineering) and Eman Adam (Business) followed by a song from Thien (Akkam Pakkam) and then followed by a variety of other games and performances. Apart for the activities stated on the agenda, we had students randomly perform. This allowed us to explore and tap many more talents in AIMST. The Lucky draw prizes were given out to those lucky winners by Ms.Rejinimala.. Food and Drinks were also available in abundance and plentiful. The open dance floor marked the closing of the party where 2 songs were played. Hence, the AIMST Valentine’s party met its objective and was deemed as a successful event in AIMST UNIVERSITY.

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