First Day at AIMST University

Coming fromSarawak, I had feared culture shock and was wondering what would be in store for me at the University. How to live together with people whom I did not know? I had heard many pros and cons about the University but I made a decision to come to AIMST because I wanted to pursue my dreams of becoming a dentist. There were no roadshows for me to attend to get more information. I must say thank you to my tuition teachers and the principal of my tuition centre for helping me in the application process. I got in touch with my seniors to get their opinions regarding AIMST. Teachers are great, facilities are superb but we have to make a lot adjustments and its not easy……………!

My first impression of AIMST, when I walked in was, “Waah! This place is really nice and new!” Registration Day was crowded, noisy and some people were disgruntled but not everyone can be satisfied! The people in charge were friendly, smiled and helpful. Well, that day I did not really feel homesick! My worries of horrifying roommates were really unnecessary. I got a room for three with roommates of different race and religions! But we got along well. It was as if we had known each other for years and not just hours!. They were friendly, helpful and caring. The hostel was beyond my expectations- they were clean, spacious and comfortable. The bathrooms were small for my liking and I thought the water pressure was a bit low at that time! Apart from that everything went on fine. The seniors were friendly and helpful too! The food was alright contrary to what I had been told maybe a bit salty and oily! But then, I have been told to “choose and eat!”.

I am starting to love being here at AIMST with a new environment and new friends. This is a new beginning for me and I am looking for a great future…………………………..!

~ Lily Soon – from Sarawak ~ Jan 2008


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